Jon Gaskins (International Prospects)

Hello.  My name is Jon Gaskins and I’m joining the Prospects1500 team to focus on International prospects, specifically those players who have not signed with a major league team to this point but may be part of the next J2 signing period.  As an avid baseball fan for well over 40 years, I have found that with a sport created in the United States, more and more countries around the world are not only taking up the sport themselves, they’re also providing MLB with a limitless pool of talent from which to draw from.  If only you know where to look.  That’s where I come in.

With a passion for prospects and International ones to be specific, I will scour the internet as well as visit local baseball affiliates in and around the Florida area to research the best of the best around the world to bring you insight into which ones you may (or may not) see on your favorite team in the near future.  I hope my articles will provide you with a bit of knowledge and a little bit of humor for your entertainment.  I am always available and open to suggestions.  Please feel free to reach out if you feel there is an International up-and-comer which I may have missed.

Hit me up on Twitter at @jonfgaskins or feel free to leave comments below on this page.


  1. Miguel Vargas, 3B, left Cuba with his dad a fee years ago. He was highly regarded when he left but I have not seen or heard anything since his defection. You know anything?

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