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Hello All Baseball Lovers!

My name is Drew, an avid baseball fan, living in Bradenton, Florida. I recently moved here with my finacè and our two Boston Terriers, Chester and Baxter. I love great food, great drinks, and even greater times with great people. Bradenton is a great baseball town with Sarasota, Tampa, and Orlando all within an hour’s drive, so you can only imagine all the Spring Training games I attended this past year!

Dating back to the 60’s, my family has always been a huge baseball family. Born in Baltimore, we have always been die hard Baltimore Orioles fans. To this day, I do not miss a game thanks to MLB.TV. I can vividly remember my brother and I having to beg our mom to let us stay up and watch Sunday or Wednesday Night Baseball on ESPN. Needless to say, that never happened. I played baseball from ages 5-18 and had the opportunity to play in college, but my right shoulder had different ideas!

With that being said, I am a huge baseball fan. As I have aged, my desire to learn even more about the game has grown. From casually watching baseball, to now playing fantasy baseball (7 years now) and diving into the statistics, I continue to learn more and more each day about this wonderful game! I truly enjoy listening and reading the content of other writers in the community.

I look forward to serving not only the Los Angeles Angels community but also the Baseball Community as a whole! If you want to chat about anything I write, positive or constructive, feel free to shoot me an email at DrewWritingInfo@gmail.com.



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Drew Harper is a Real Estate Agent living in Bradenton, Florida with his Fiancè and two Boston Terriers, Chester and Baxter. He is a diehard baseball fan who loves his Baltimore Orioles! (but is covering the Angels minor leagues here on Prospects1500) He loves playing fantasy baseball, food, and collecting Nick Markakis baseball cards.

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