Spring Training Doubleheader 3/1: White Sox vs. D’Backs and Dodgers vs. Giants

Yesterday’s schedule worked out perfectly for a double-header. I started my day off at Camelback Ranch for the White S0x-D’backs. I arrived at Camelback Ranch around 10:30 and wandered the back field to watch the White Sox practice:

View from my seats at Camelback Ranch. Not bad for $5.

C – Zack Collins – P1500 overall #64, White Sox #4

Collins comes in giving Sox fans a lot of hope for the future. He’s been scouted as a polished hitter who should be able to hit at the big-league level. I caught some of his live BP and I don’t disagree with that assessment:

Also important is where Collins will play in the field. Reports are he’s been working hard to stick at catcher this spring. I was lucky enough to watch him work on throwdowns. Coach Mark Salas had him with a 1.95 pop-time on one of the throwdowns, with 2.0 being the cut-off for a big league backstop. Collins also looks athletic to me. I think he’s got a good shot at sticking behind the dish:

OF – Courtney Hawkins – White Sox # 36

I caught Hawkins taking live BP. Hawkins was drafted 13th overall in the 2012 draft, but has been seen by many (including myself) as another toolsy OF flop drafted by Ken Williams. Speaking of Kenny, he was there watching Courtney take BP:

Kenny Williams surveys BP

I thought Courtney’s BP session went pretty well. He made solid contact with most swings, and was driving the ball to the gaps, putting one opposite field shot off the wall:

Hawkins got into the game in the 6th inning and stroked a nice RBI single to center field. The Sox fans in attendance were very happy. We want to see this kid succeed, and he’s still only 23. Maybe there is still time.

1B – Nicky Delmonico – White Sox #37

Nicky played 3B yesterday for the Sox and looked overmatched defensively. He probably has a 1B glove, meaning he really has to hit well to be relevant. But Nicky hit well both days, going 2-for-2 with a BB yesterday, singling through the shift and pulling a homerun off Kevin Jepsen into the right-field lawn in the 4th inning. He looks like he can hit major league pitching, so keep your eye on him.

3B – Matt Davidson – White Sox #35

Davidson played 1B yesterday, so he switched with Delmonico and played 3B today. Davidson looked fine in the field, I think he’s got the defensive skills to play 3B. He also looks like he’s working on developing a more patient approach at the plate. Yesterday he went 0-for-1 with 2 BB and 1 K, bringing his spring training OBP up to .417. His developing plate approach is worth watching.

OF – Adam Engel – White Sox #18

Engel started the game in CF for the good guys. I thought he looked good in center, making good breaks on the ball. Engel looks fast as well. He started the game with a leadoff walk (yes…) then left too early trying to steal on Robbie Ray, getting picked off in the process (NO!). Still, Engel had a much better day than…

OF – Jacob May – White Sox #20

May came in for Engel and went 0-for-2 with 2Ks, leaving 3 runners on base. Not a good day.

OF – Socrates Brito – D’backs #9

Brito came in as a defensive sub in RF and looked physically impressive. He drew a walk in his only plate appearance.

3B – Dawel Lugo – P1500 overall #195, D’backs #4

Lugo came in as a pinch runner in the 6th and went 0-for-1. He did not look super quick on the basepaths, so I don’t think his game will be based on speed going forward.

SS – Jack Reinheimer – D’backs #8

Struck-out with the bases loaded in his only AB. Oof.

I left Camelback Ranch in the bottom of the 7th because I had to get over to Scottsdale for the Giants-Dodgers game. Arrived in Scottsdale with the sun going down and a nice crowd of Dodgers and Giants fans on hand to enjoy the game:

I was stoked when I checked out the lineup cards and saw that Cody Bellinger was starting at 1st for the Dodgers.

1B – Cody Bellinger – P1500 overall #9, Dodgers #1

Bellinger has developed into one of the top prospects in baseball. The Dodgers seem to keep pumping out kids who can hit the ball. Bellinger looks really polished as a hitter. He went 1-for-3 against the Giants, stroking a line drive single to RF in the top of the 2nd. Adrian Gonzalez is currently blocking him at the major-league level, but the Dodgers have to find a way to get him ABs.

CF – Alex Verdugo – P1500 overall #47, Dodgers #4

I had a good view of Verdugo from my lawn seats:

Alex Verdugo patrolling CF for the Dodgers.

Defensively, Verdugo looked excellent. He tracked the ball really well of the bat. He got a great jump on a flyball to the gap to left-center, making a tough out look easy. He grounded out to third in his only AB.

3B – Christian Arroyo – P1500 overall #191, Giants #2

Arroyo is getting work at 3B because he’s blocked in the bigs by Brandon Crawford. He grounded out in his only AB tonight.

LHP – Ty Blach – Giants #4

Blach came on to pitch in the top of the third and looked great. He got 2 groundouts and struck out Joc Pederson in the 3rd, then struck out Cody Bellinger and got another groundout in the 4th. So Blach struck-out both of the Dodgers most dangerous hitters on the night and got a bunch of groundballs. Keep your eye on him as a streaming option for fantasy purposes this year.

I’m headed to Peoria later today for my last spring training game, watching the Brewers take on the Mariners. Follow me for more updates from the desert.

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