Top 5 International Prospects

Ahhhh, finally. My first version of your 2018 best of International prospects. The goal of this list is to continually update you on the progress (or regress) of the top prospects for the upcoming International signing period. I will always try and give you as much information as I can while at the same time keeping it short and sweet for a simple read. I will also try and include the scouting grades when possible using the 20-80 scale with 50 being league average. Since most of these prospects will be in the 15-18-year-old range please understand that when assigning grades, the grades will be based on projections for that player and not current scale values. Also, once a player signs with a major league team he will be removed from the list and taken up by that team’s current writer on Prospects1500.

Julio Pablo Martinez, CF
Age: 21
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Martinez has played in Cuba. Stands 5’10”. Walks more than he K’s. He shows a good blend of power and speed. Based on current ability he should start off in Double-A once signed in the US. New York Yankees, Miami Marlins and Texas Rangers are the favored teams to sign Martinez.

Miguel Tejada, Jr.

Age: 17
Distrito Nacional, Dominican Republic
With Vlad Jr. and Tatis Jr, did you really think there would not be some other Jr’s on the way up as well? Yes, Miguel Tejada’s son could be your next top prospect heading to the States. 6’1” already at age 17, Tejada has a virtual toolshed to pull from.

Noelvi Marte, SS

Age: 15
Out of the Domincan Republic. 6’2” and 185. I’m gonna put my money that he moves off of SS. Even if he does he has the tools that will play anywhere on the field and should be one of the top prospects in the upcoming J2 signing period. Seattle Mariners are expected to sign him.

Marco Luciano, SS

Age: 15
Also out of the Dominican Republic. 6’2” and 185. Puts us in double down mode (see above). While Marte has tools across the board, Luciano is going to be known for his power potential and at age 15 knocking them out of the park routinely in BP has scouts taking notice. The San Francisco Giants are the favorites to sign this young stud.

Osiel Rodriguez, P

Age: 16
Pitches in the mid 90’s? Can I have 2 please? When you strikeout 127 batters in just 69 innings you are going to be considered one of the top pitching prospects, period. After having four hitters above in this column, this is your one pitcher to keep a close eye on.

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Article featured image of Miguel Tejada, Jr. – courtesy video via JDB Baseball

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